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Step beyond your recruitment agency

Change how you find staff

Today, finding top-notch talent can be a challenge. Companies that find themselves short of manpower, or in need of temporary staffing, often depend on a recruitment agency. But time and time again, we hear this is far from ideal.

There are plenty of reasons why companies find recruitment agencies difficult. The ‘get-what-you’re-given’ nature of agency workers means there’s no guarantee of quality, while their costs and fees might sometimes feel a little painful.

But it’s 2023 guys! There are plenty of other ways to find staff. Here are seven reasons why you should ditch your recruitment agency and start finding freelance staff directly on YoungOnes.

1. Transparency

YoungOnes is a transparent platform. It lets you directly reach quality talent, and hand-pick them yourself. You see each freelancer’s reviews and experience, as well as their attendance rate, as opposed to using a recruitment agency and getting sent whoever is available at the time. Using a transparent platform means you can confidently choose freelance staff that best meet your needs, and fit with your business and brand.

2. A user-friendly review process

Every single time a freelancer works a gig, a business gives them a review. This honest, fair feedback ensures you can choose quality. We use a simple, five-star rating system so that it is quick and easy to assess people as they react to your gig. Though our freelancers have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5, so you should be OK whoever you pick.

3. We’re a cost-efficient alternative

YoungOnes offers a cost-efficient solution for companies looking for staff. We’re a platform, so you’re not paying for someone to recruit on your behalf.  There also aren’t upfront costs or subscriptions, and freelancers take care of their own tax, pension and holiday pay. All you pay is their wage, and one flat fee of £3.25 per hour worked.

Meanwhile, our freelancers get an average rate that is higher than London Living Wage, and are fully insured. It’s a win-win.

4. We have quality talent

Freelancers on YoungOnes have an average rating of 4.8 stars out of five. What sets these individuals apart is their enthusiasm — they will only express interest in opportunities they are genuinely passionate about. A healthy competition on the app means that freelancers are keen to keep their profile in tip-top shape, and ensures they work hard for you.

5. We’re quick and responsive

We’ve an average response time of just five minutes, and you can post 24/7 on our platform. There’s no need to wait for a middle man, or talk to a representative, unlike with traditional agencies. Just post your gig, wait for reactions and connect with talent.

6. We’re ethical

YoungOnes lets freelancers choose their own rate, and, on average, their hourly rate exceeds the London living wage. This commitment to fair compensation not only attracts top talent but also contributes to the overall well-being of the workforce. Freelancers are also covered by a comprehensive insurance package that puts their wellbeing first, both covering physical injuries and providing mental health support. Sound good? Get set up on our platform and post your first gig.

7. You’ll build a talent pool

We want you to work with people you like, so we introduced a talent pool feature. Once you’ve found someone good, add them to your pool, and post gigs directly to them. It’s the ultimate way to ensure you find quality talent through our platform.

What more could you ask for?

We built this platform so that businesses could move away from agencies, and find staff directly. YoungOnes redefines how businesses discover and secure quality talent, and creates a gig economy that is fair and trustworthy for everyone.

Let’s get started. Book a demo or call to learn more about how you can move beyond your agency and find staff with YoungOnes. Alternately, it’s easy to create an account and post your first gig.

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