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Festival staff: who to hire this summer

Now That’s What I Call Festival Staff

If you’re gearing up to host a music festival, you’ll need a team of skilled and dedicated staff to bring it all to life.

Beyond the bands, there are various roles that are essential to ensure a seamless and successful event. Let’s take a closer look at the different staff you may need at your music festival to ensure it’s a hit this summer.

1) Stage Crew

What’s a festival without the acts? The stage crew sets up and tears down stages, lighting, and sound equipment. They work closely with the stage manager to ensure smooth performances and timely transitions between acts.

2) Security Personnel

Keeping festival-goers safe is a top priority. Hiring trained security personnel to manage crowd control, monitor entrances and exits, and handle emergencies is crucial for a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone attending the festival.

3) Hospitality Staff

Taking care of artists, crew, and VIP guests is essential. Hospitality staff handle backstage arrangements, artist accommodations, and catering services.

4) Medical Team

Accidents or medical emergencies can happen at any event. Having a medical team on-site, including paramedics and first aid responders, is essential to provide timely medical assistance to anyone in need. You can also contact organisations like St John’s Ambulance if you need extra support.

5) Customer Service Representatives

Attendees may have questions, concerns, or require assistance during the festival. Customer service representatives are responsible for managing inquiries, resolving complaints, and ensuring a positive experience for festival-goers.

6) Cleaning Crew

With thousands of people attending a festival, maintaining cleanliness is crucial. Hiring a dedicated cleaning crew to regularly clean and maintain restrooms, common areas, and other festival grounds will help keep the event tidy and enjoyable for all.

7) Bar Staff

Serving alcoholic beverages at a music festival requires trained bar staff to handle the sales and service of drinks. They need to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, monitor for overconsumption, and maintain a safe and enjoyable environment at the festival’s designated bar areas.

8) Catering Staff

Providing food options for festival-goers requires catering staff to handle food preparation, cooking, and serving. They need to manage food safety, dietary restrictions, and efficiently serve meals to keep festival-goers well-fed and satisfied.

Each of these roles is crucial in ensuring the smooth operation and success of your music festival. By assembling a competent team of staff, including stage crew, security personnel, hospitality staff, medical team, customer service representatives, cleaning crew, bar staff, and catering staff, you can provide an unforgettable experience for festival-goers and create a safe, enjoyable, and well-catered event for all.

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