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Freelancer insurance

Up to £5,000 for personal injury
Mental health support available
Cover for unexpected time off work
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All you need to access this insurance is a verified YoungOnes account. You can then register with Onsi. You can log in via our app to browse your policy, make a claim, and even access added benefits and discounts.


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This covers any damage to a freelancer.

✔️ Provides compensation in case you are injured on a gig.

✔️ Covers freelancers for range of different injuries and accidents.

✔️ Provides both long term and one off payments.



This covers costs incurred by a freelancer.

✔️ Provides compensation in case you are cause injury or damange on a gig.

✔️ Makes sure others public are covered.

✔️ Also provides legal expenses.


This offers support outside the workplace.

✔️ Provides support for those struggling with mental health.

✔️ This can be in-person or online.

✔️ Offers financial advisors for anyone struggling with debt.

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