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How does YoungOnes work?

How does it work?

An explanation in six easy steps

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Step 2

Freelancers react in the app

Ding ding ding. Freelancers receive an automatic notification once you post your gig. The first reactions usually come in the first 5 minutes. Freelancers see the gig’s description, location, date and time. They’ll check the hourly rate, and if they’re interested will react immediately. They can even ask for a higher hourly rate, which you can choose to accept before a match is made.


Post gigs

Delivery freelancer on YoungOnes UK

Find your ideal freelancers

Whether you’re fed up with unreliable staff or planning to scale your business with freelancers, YoungOnes allows you to ditch the old school agencies and hire flexible freelancers directly. Enter your details and we’ll get back to you in just 15 minutes during our office hours.

Thousands of freelancers available
Rates start at £15.25 per hour
Experience in hospitality, logistics and more


No strings attached
We'll get back within 15 minutes
*during office hours

Step 4

Time for work

You’ve picked your freelancer. Now you just need to wait for the gig. If a freelancer can’t make it, they’ll arrange an adequate replacement. Want to cancel the gig yourself? Feel free to do so before the cancellation period expires.

Freelance account | YoungOnes UK

Step 6

Payment and invoicing

Dreading the admin? We’ve got you covered. All you’ll receive is a weekly collective invoice from YoungOnes stating the hours and rates. We pay the freelancers for you.


Our pricing

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Carly, one of the Customer Success Managers at YoungOnes

Questions? Fire away

We’re here for you. Reach out to Carly by sending her an email or requesting a call back.

Start finding freelancers now

  • Responses in 5 minutes
  • Rates from £15.25 per hour
  • We’ll handle the paperwork
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