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Pick staff that meet your standards

Motivated individuals who take initiative
Rated by skills, reliability and experience
Take control of staffing, dump your agency

Rated and reviewed

Check ratings and reviews from other businesses before hiring the best staff for you, on a transparent platform.

Set your own rate

Hourly rates for freelancers start at £12 per hour. We charge a flat fee of £3.25 per hour, which includes insurance for freelancers.

Instant responses

Get responses in minutes, from professionals who want to work with you. It takes an average of just five minutes to find staff via YoungOnes.

Find your A-Team

Build your talent pool

Pick and favourite the best professionals so your business is ready for anything. Find staff that take your business to the next level, and then post gigs to them directly whenever you need.


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Elevate your business

There are thousands of freelance professionals waiting to react to your gigs on YoungOnes. Enter your details and we’ll help you set up your account and find staff who are motivated, hard-working and reliable.

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You’re in charge

Rated by skills and reliability

Each time freelance staff complete a gig, they are rated out of five by a business like yours. This means you can pick temp staff based on attendance, experience and brand fit. Find out why freelancers on YoungOnes are top quality.


The platform is super easy to use and gives us the resources we need to scale up our business.

Ioan Lupan, Wundermart

Proven successful by 2.937+ clients

Service specialists

Designed for service

Professionals on YoungOnes are motivated, creative and bring a breath of fresh air to your team. They challenge the status quo, think outside the box and bring creativity to your business. Learn more about how YoungOnes differs from recruitment agencies.

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Support tailored to you

Book a callback today and get a complimentary consultation. We provide you with real-time account performance data so you can find staff at the best rates.

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