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Digital Services Act information

Information regarding European legislation on digital services

Under the Digital Services Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2022/2065), also known as the Digital Services Act (“DSA”), YoungOnes is obligated to publish the following information:

Contact point for authorities (art. 11 DSA)

[email protected] 

Available languages for communication are Dutch and English.

Contact points for users of the YoungOnes platform and/or website (art. 12 DSA
If you wish to report illegal content on the YoungOnes platform or website, you can send an email to [email protected] 

The report must include the following elements:

  • A motivated statement explaining why you believe the information is illegal;
  • The exact electronic location of the information, including the URL and, if necessary, additional information to identify the illegal content;
  • Your name and email address (if necessary to establish the illegality of the content);

By providing this information, you confirm that you believe in good faith that the information and claims in your message are accurate and complete.

Internal complaint handling & alternative dispute resolution
YoungOnes may adjust, remove, or make information posted on the platform or its website inaccessible to ensure the quality of the website and/or address illegal content or information that is incompatible with the website. The poster of the relevant information will be notified thereof. If the poster of the information objects to the adjustment, removal, or making inaccessible of the information, a complaint can be filed with YoungOnes within six months of notification by emailing [email protected]. The complaint will be promptly addressed by YoungOnes. Additionally, you may submit your complaint to an alternative dispute resolution body certified in one of the European Union member states.

Transparency reporting obligations
YoungOnes is obligated to publish information about the average number of monthly active users. The average number of active users is 51480. It cannot be excluded that the applied calculation method includes double counting of active users and may be replaced by a different calculation method in the future.

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