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Earn an average of £15 an hour
Choose when and where you work
Gigs in hospitality, retail, events, and more

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Head to the app store, download YoungOnes, and start freelancing. Finding a gig is simple – you receive notifications the minute gigs you want are posted. Just send your reaction, and get ready to work.

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Ready to freelance?

Freelancing lets you choose where and when you work. One day you’re waiting tables, the next you’re delivering packages. Sound tiring? Take the day off, you deserve it. With YoungOnes, you can fit work around studies, passion projects or even binging a new series. We built this platform to help you live your best life.

A new way to work

Life as a freelancer means finding a work/life balance that suits you. You can choose when and where you work, and pick your hourly rate.

Admin made easy 

Find work on YoungOnes and minimise your admin. Submit your hours in the app, and once they’re approved we’ll manage payments. Can’t wait? No stress, we’ve a speedy payment option.

Join the community

Be independent, not alone. We’ve a community of like-minded freelancers that you can chat with on our Discord.

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Money money money

Earn £15 an hour

Spent too much over the weekend? End of the month feel far away? Gigs on YoungOnes pay an average of £15 per hour. But it’s up to you – on YoungOnes you choose. Want to earn more? Make a counter-offer and negotiate.

Make money like a boss

  • Earn an average hourly rate of £15
  • Decide where and when you will work
  • Find gigs that suit your skillset
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