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Privacy Policy

We are aware of the fact that you place your trust in us and that is why we see it as our responsibility to protect your privacy. This Privacy Policy states exactly which data is collected and secured when using our website and/or when signing up with YoungOnes, and why this data is collected. It is also our aim to make clear who this information is shared with, who is allowed to process it, and how long we keep it. This will give you a clear insight into how we work. This Privacy Policy is applicable to all services offered by The YoungOnes B.V. (hereinafter: YoungOnes). We would like to make clear that YoungOnes is not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites and sources.

YoungOnes respects the privacy of all visitors to its website and ensures the personal information that you share with us, to be handled confidentially. YoungOnes acts in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. By making use of services offered by YoungOnes, or by visiting the websites belonging to YoungOnes, you accept this Privacy Policy.

Use of our services:

When signing up via our website and/or signing up for one of our services, we ask you to provide us with your personal information. This information is used to perform jobs. The data is saved to secure servers of YoungOnes or those of a third party.

As part of its services, YoungOnes secures data in its database to be used byYoungOnes and the third parties stated in this Privacy Policy.

We (may) record the following data:

(First and last) name, address, sex, date of birth, National Insurance number, CV, diplomas, personal documents, copy of ID-card, passport photograph, marital status, email address, nationality, education information, bank account number, Declaration of Independent Contractor Status and any other documents which are required by law or for which you have given permission and which you have placed on our platform.

Moreover, other data is also automatically generated. The details regarding this data is explained further on in this Privacy Policy.

We record data in order to:

  • connect supply and demand;
  • offer services which you may need when working via (e.g. if you have forgotten your password to submit your hours worked)
  • have you submit your worked hours;
  • send electronic YoungOnes newsletters;
  • inform users on interesting offers regarding YoungOnes products and services;
  • make payments;
  • generate anonymous statistical data for advertisers;

If you object to having your personal data being used by third parties, we suggest you remove your account. This option is given under: Settings > Account.

Access to data other than by disclosure:


YoungOnes uses automatically generated data for statistical purposes as for the security and improvement of YoungOnes. This data is shared with third parties as long as it has been made completely anonymous and so will not be traceable to you.

YoungOnes may a;exchange your personal data with (subsidiaries of) YoungCapital Fund Ltd.

YoungOnes may exchange your personal data via a so-called API.

Third Party Processors: our carefully selected partners and service providers may process personal information about you on our behalf as described below.

Digital Marketing Service Providers:
We periodically appoint digital marketing agents to conduct marketing activity on our behalf, such activity may result in the compliant processing of personal information. Our appointed data processors include Prospect Global Ltd (trading as Sopro) Reg. UK Co. 09648733. You can contact Sopro and view their privacy policy here: Sopro are registered with the ICO Reg: ZA346877 their Data Protection Officer can be emailed at: [email protected].

YoungOnes will, except in cases which are described in this Privacy Policy, not share your personal data with third parties without your prior consent.

Sensitive Personal Data:

YoungOnes will only record sensitive personal data (as described in the Personal Data Protection Act) with your consent. If you choose to upload your passport photograph (this is optional), then you give permission to save and publish it. You can choose to remove your photograph from your profile at any time. The same applies for the optional job application video (via WhatsApp or otherwise). These images will be removed as soon as possible after the job application.

If you choose to work without a UTR number the first 3 times, we will ask you for your National Insurance number. We need this information to fill in the IB-47 form for the tax authorities. The following information is required for a proper IB-47 document:

  • name
  • initials
  • postcode
  • house number
  • date of birth
  • citizen service number
  • paid amount including expenses

YoungOnes shares this data once annually with the Client(s) you have worked for. We require this information because YoungOnes invoices on your behalf. The Client(s) who you have worked for will receive this data once a year so that the Client can put forward its tax return with the tax authorities.

If you work via our platform directly as a Contractor and you do not make use of the IB-47 document, then it is not required to share your National Insurance number with us.


This Privacy Policy is tailored to the use and possibilities of our website. Any possible adjustments and/or changes to this website may lead to amendments to our Privacy Policy. It is, therefore, recommended to check this Privacy Policy regularly.

Choices regarding personal data:

We offer all of our visitors the possibility to inspect, alter or delete all personal data which was shared with us. We will delete all information, as far as this is legally permitted.

Retention period

We do not store your data longer than necessary. In doing so, we look at the purpose for which you provided your data to YoungOnes. We also take legal retention periods into account. Our retention periods are included in our retention period policy. After a retention period has expired, your data will be automatically deleted or anonymised.


Our internet site contains links to other external websites. YoungOnes is not responsible for how other websites decide to deal with privacy issues. We recommend reading the Privacy Policy of each website which asks for personal data. This Privacy Policy only applies to the information gathered by this website.

YoungOnes is not responsible and/or accountable for the content of the information on the YoungOnes website. It is also not responsible and/or accountable for the availability and/or access of the websites. YoungOnes is, at all times, entitled to remove data from the website without providing reasons.

Security regarding data sent via the internet cannot be guaranteed completely. We will do our utmost to secure your personal details, however, we are not able to guarantee absolute security regarding your shared information.

Use of cookies:

We make use of cookies and similar technology such as JavaScript. We need this technology to ensure our websites and apps to work properly and to ensure user friendliness. If you do not want cookies, you can adjust your settings or remove the cookies. If you choose to set your device to not accepting cookies, the websites and apps may not work as expected.

What are cookies and why are they used?

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your laptop, tablet or smartphone when you visit one of our websites or use one of our apps. They allow us to recognise you on your next visit and the information from these files is retrieved.This means you do not have to submit the same information (like your name) each time.These cookies also allow us to measure how our websites and apps are used. We are able to make improvements based on this information.

Which cookies and techniques do we use?

YoungOnes uses standard technology which is used for practically all websites and apps. This technology, together with the cookies, ensures a system to gather information and store it.

The cookies we use:

Functional cookies: These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our websites and apps. They are also used to save information to increase user friendliness, such as your user name.
Analytical cookies: These cookies trace how you use our websites and apps. The information gathered by these cookies is used for analytics to make improvements.

Name: Google Analytics
Description: YoungOnes uses Google Analytics to monitor how users use the website and how effective YoungOnes Adwords-advertising are with Google search result pages.
Social media and other cookies: These cookies ensure certain information to be shared to social media immediately. This is possible through the links and buttons on our websites or in our apps.

Name: User Guiding
Description: User Guiding makes it possible for us to explain how to use the platform as clearly as possible.

Allow cookies, remove them or change your settings?

You decide whether or not you want to allow for cookies to be used. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your internet browser, then simply adjust the settings of your browser. You can also choose to change your settings so that the browser informs you of any cookies being placed. Stored cookies can be removed via your browser settings.

Adjust/unsubscribe to communication:

If you want to adjust your details or if you would like to unsubscribe from our records, please contact us via: [email protected]

Anti discrimination policy:

YoungOnes is committed to not discriminating against users of our platform based on race, religion, national origin, social background, disability, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, marital status, age or any other characteristic protected under applicable law. YoungOnes strictly prohibits discrimination against users based on the categories listed above, including in personal interactions, reviews, ratings, and the provision and acceptance of services.

Any party found to have violated this policy will lose access to the platform immediately and indefinitely. Any worker or user who has experienced discrimination will be able to contact human representatives of our platform for timely assistance, including in situations such as an assault, abuse, or any form of harassment, at [email protected].

In addition to addressing discrimination, we commit to ensuring wherever possible that the design, operations, and management of our platform does not contribute to unequal or discriminatory outcomes.

If you have feedback on how we can better live up to this policy, you can provide it here [email protected]. We will respond as soon as possible, including outlining any relevant steps taken in line with feedback.

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