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Boomerang FT. X YoungOnes

YoungOnes joins forces with creative agency ‘Boomerang Agency’. With Boomerang FT. (Future Talent) we want to give young professionals the opportunity to work on creative projects. Not a standard job, but a chance to work on your future.

This might be you: you write powerfully, edit your own videos or come up with the most original ideas. Good news for you, because with the Boomerang FT., you can give free rein to your creativity. At the same time, you get to work on your portfolio with cool assignments. You will get the chance to jumpstart your career in what you love most at the same time you gather experience and earn some money!

Boomrang FT. x Youngones

What is Boomerang FT.?

With Boomerang FT. you have the opportunity to collaborate with major (international) brands in addition to your school or study, and thus build up a thick portfolio. You will be supervised in an agency environment, allowing you to develop the skills required by the creative industry after graduation. Whether you want to work as a content creator, designer, editor, concept developer, copywriter, trend watcher, 3D designer / AR expert or game designer, this is the ideal chance for you.

Mockup Boomerang FT x YoungOnes

How do you find the Future Talent jobs?

You can find all the available jobs in the YoungOnes app. You can recognise Future Talent’s jobs by the following: the logo, the bright pink border, and because Future Talent is also indicated in the job description. In addition, you can search for “Boomerang” in the app, after which you will see all open jobs.

If you don’t have a profile on our platform yet, first download the app and create a profile. You need this before you can start reacting to jobs. With the app, you always have access to the best creative assignments.

Boomerang FT x YoungOnes

About Boomerang FT

In collaboration with Boomerang FT., we now have the most creative jobs available. Do you want to know more? Check out the Boomerang FT website.

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